(God) Where Were You?

by Tracy Delucia

Released 2016
Released 2016
9/11 Tribute "(God) Where Were You?" that talks to faith and puts the spotlight on the heroes of the day, a touching heart-aching ballad.
Tracy DeLucia's music brings an emotional connection and experience to the listener. Songs like Merry Christmas In Heaven and Happy Birthday In Heaven have hit a nerve with the listener by celebrating lives of loved ones who have passed. Tracy pen's songs that continue on the journey with Prayers and Good Wishes, a song about how the strength of prayer and well wishes have helped people get through a difficult time. Saying Goodbye Isn't Easy, a song about a Mother/Son relationship journeying through life's milestones and how hard it is to say goodbye. Forgiveness, a song about a Mother/Daughter relationship, and how hurtful words can lead to many years of bitterness. (God)Where Were You?, a song about the 9/11 heroes who were lost and how they carried us through that day.