Prayers and Good Wishes a great feel good song for those that need it most!!!

Just released remake of The Rose. To listen go to Music page!

Latest info and News to come.

Radio Promotion, with Spin Doctors of Nashville, for the song, "Night Swim." Looking forward to a successful promotion!

Exciting week coming up in Nashville.

Its "Tracy Delucia Week" on Renegade Radio Nashville. 

"Like" their facebook page, listen in and go to the website to win prizes! Play the Featured Artist " FanQuest"

for a chance at a Tracy Delucia Prize Pack at

Next week I will be flying out to Nashville during CRS week to perform at Margaritaville in Downtown Nashville Thursday night Feb 28th 9-9:30P . During that week I will be stopping over at Rippy's Tuesday night for a Pre-hearsal for Thursday's show, that will be between 8 and 9. Looking forward to meeting all kinds of industry people. FUn Fun Fun!

Come on out this Saturday night , January 19th , to 1st and 10 in New Milford CT. Show starts at 9:30P!

On Friday Dec 7th from 7-9am, I will be co-hosting on Thunder 102 WDNB Liberty, NY with Paul Ciliberto and friends. To listen to the LIVE on-air show download the new RadioBOLD app onto your smartphone or if you are near a computer go to You can also like Thunder 102 on Facebook and follow on Twitter to get the updates they will be posting during the show. I am very excited to hang with Paul and Michelle. Thunder 102 has been the BIGGEST supporters since I started this radio promotion. They have SBYM now at 24 spins a week. I am very grateful to WDNB and all the stations that are playing SBYM. Thanks for listening!

I am so grateful to how far I have come with my music. I do everything an artist with a major label does from radio tours, to charting on Music row, to playing out and to writing my own music. There is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to promotions and all the other people who are part of the team to make this dream a reality so believe me they are not forgotten when it comes to acknowledging there importance. So thank you to my team of supporters.

I just ,recently, came off a radio tour which was absolutely an awesome experience. I enjoyed meeting people I would probably have never met if I was not doing music. They were really welcoming to me and gracious to have me there. At the present time my song Stand By Your Man, The Hell I am is at number 105, which is really great start for a newcomer to radio. I feel really blessed and thankful for where I am and to where I am going:)

Radio tour out of Nashville, thankfully is going to happen. I just received my itinerary
11/5/2012 8:00:00 WEIO HuntingdonTN
11/5/2012 10:15:00 KYTN Union City TN
11/5/2012 1:00:00 WKBQ Covington TN
11/6/2012 8:00:00 KWCK Searcy AR
11/6/2012 11:00:00 KCJC Russellville AR
11/6/2012 5:00:00 KDKD Clinton MO
11/7/2012 9:00:00 KWWR Mexico MO
11/7/2012 10:45:00 KFAV Warrenton MO
It is a total of 1378 miles. I also think we may have a couple on Thursday of that week. I am very excited to meet these stations and to perform and talk about the music. I will keep you posted as to how it is going. I am going to keep the faith that these stations will decide to play my song after meeting me.

Radio stations presently playing the song are 85 Non Reporting stations and 6 Music Row Reporting stations with a total average of 740 spins a week. I am very grateful to all the stations that are presently playing my song, Stand By Your Man,(The Hell I am!). We have moved up considerably on Music Row charting as a newcomer to the format we are positioned, at 11 weeks , number 117. We entered the chart at 174 and that was due to the immediate support of Thunder 102.1 WDNB Liberty NY. Hopefully the single will continue to grow over the coming weeks.

Today Kathy Millar of WHUD 100.7 will be interviewing me for the Friday night feature of the “Hudson Valley Artists’ Spotlight" which airs at 10:30P on Friday nights! I will keep you posted as to when it will air. This is my second time interviewing with WHUD for Night Rhythms ,which aired on Sunday nights at 10:30P, and someone told me they heard the interview while driving home from work. So keep your radios tuned in during that hour you may hear it before me. KATHY MILLAR of WHUD 100.7.

Radio update as of 7 weeks into promotion SBYM(The Hell I am!) is currently spinning throughout the country on 90 stations with 656 spins in one week. I am grateful to all the stations that are playing my song. And I am so looking forward to doing the radio tour so I can get out there and meet the station Programmers/radio personalities that will be playing or soon to be playing my song SBYM.

The band will be performing at Coyote Maverick on Dec 1st. They have great atmosphere for those country music lovers! There I will be performing my song Stand By Your Man (The Hell I am!) along with more of your country current old and new favorites! Hope to see you there!

A radio tour is definitely a must when it comes to trying to promote your single. I have been working on how to do this for weeks. Plus to do it the most cost effective way. This goal I am trying to reach has so many obstacles and with all that God still manages to make situations always workout. I hope that is the same for the radio tour.

Looking forward to being a judge for the -TEXACO COUNTRY SHOWDOWN, Sunday August 26th at Brotherhood Winery, Washingtonville, NY at 1:00P- Come on out and support the NYS Finalist in the largest and longest running country music talent search! 

Then come hang out with the band at The TOWN OF FAIRFIELD Summer concert at SHERMAN GREEN (gazebo) corner of Reef rd and Post Rd at 6:30P. 

All this Sunday August 26th. 

Hope to see you there!

Looking forward to being a judge for the -TEXACO COUNTRY SHOWDOWN, Sunday August 26th at Brotherhood Winery, Washingtonville, NY at 1:00P- Come on out and support the NYS Finalist in the largest and longest running country music talent search! 
Then come hang out with the band at The TOWN OF FAIRFIELD Summer concert at SHERMAN GREEN (gazebo) corner of Reef rd and Post Rd at 6:30P. 
All this Sunday August 26th. Please visit my website for more info 
Have a great day!

It is official radio promotion with Jerry Duncan promotions out of Nashville along with a second radio promoter, for the song stand by your man, the Hell I Am! will start on August 20th. Hopefully, because of FB reaction, my gut feeling, and a strong belief in the song, Dave and I have made the right choice. According to promoters it is a reactive song with an either love it or hate it feeling. Let's hope they love it!:)

My friend and big supporter of mine, Frank Fornario, Town Supervisor of Blooming Grove, was kind enough to reach out to ask me to be a judge for the NYS finalists of Texaco Country Showdown. I was honored to be asked and the show will take place on August 26th at the Brotherhood Winery, Washingtonville, NY at 1:00P.

Tracy De Lucia -Music News Nashville CD Review by Chuck Dauphin

I want to thank Chuck Dauphin for taking the time out to listen to my CD-Empowered and review it! What a great review!

Come on out and hang with the band while we perform songs from Jason Aldean to Adele to Lady Gaga. It is always a great show and hopefully you can make it!!! Hope to see you there!

Keegan Ales in Kingston!!


Sending out an invite to come see the band at:

La Puerta Azul, 2510 Rte44 ,Salt Point,NY 12578

  Sat. Nov 5th 8-11

 There, the band will be performing, not only Country rock, but throwing in some Lady Gaga and Adele which should fall very nicely into the mix of music that the band does. 

So come have dinner and then mosey your way over to the bar to have a few drinks while watching the band put on a really great show!!!Trying to have reverbnation be the template for writing shows so if you get the e-mail please okay it or if you are just plain ole' tired of getting more stuff thrown into your inbox then no problem, totally understand. It is all good!!!For more info please visit my website at If you want more up to date info on the band etc. Just click the link below to go to the Like button on Facebook.

Here is the Link:

Thanks so much!!

 Stay safe and stay well and hope to see you Sat night!!!



Some fun news we wanted to share. "Good Morning to You" is currently on
with 70 radio stations and Tracy broke in with her first Music Row
reporter this week entering at #185.

I just got home and I had great experience. I met some really great people. Thanks to Paul and Michelle at Thunder country 102.7, Jeff Sanders at WHUG 101.9 Jamestown, NY (Home of Lucille Ball) and Paul and Melissa at WFLK 101.7 Geneva NY for having me come and visit. It was fun interacting with you and your listeners!!!

This Sunday Sept 11th , 4:30-5:15 at "A Taste of Greater Danbury" located in the city center of Danbury Green. The band will be playing some covers and some originals of country rock style music. So come on out and let's get back to the reason why life is so good. Great music , good friends, and fun times!!! And that is what we need to do!! It will be a great show!!! 

Former lead singer Brian Howe of Bad Company will also be performing. 


Leslie Lake writes a great press release for my upcoming show in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Click the link to see what she wrote:

NEW DATE- Show on Thursday August 25th

Mahopac Chamber of Commerce Park -Town of Carmel

Tracy De Lucia Band!!! 7-9P

953 South Lake Boulevard Mahopac NY 10541 USA 845-628-787
Please come join us, The Tracy De Lucia Band, in the park, for some covers and originals of country rock, classic rock, and pop style music!! It is always a great time!!!!
Raindate is August 25th same place and time.  Please visit my website for more info or like my band page at this link at
Thanks so much and have a great day!!!!!!! I hope to see you there!!!

Update 8/4 -Tracy DeLucia – “Good Morning To You”

GrassRoots Promotions

KAGH - Crossett, AR - new add - 10 spins

KJAE - Leesville, LA - new add - 3 spins

I just wanted to say thanks to my band members who played straight through of just continuous fun songs for the crowd. I would also like to thank Ed and kathleen at Hyde park rec and the group of special needs kids and all others who attended for hanging out with my band. There was alot energy in the room which always make for a great show!!! Looking forward to next year!!

tracydeluciaPawling Press.pdf

Come on out this Saturday July 23, from 6-8P By the Lake at Murrow Park in Pawling, NY. There I will be performing some covers and some originals of the latest music. Plus some classic rock !!!!











Please visit my website at for all the latest news and info!!!!

I am extremely excited about the latest update and more to come. As of right now I have 523 spins and I am on 36 stations in three weeks into the Radio campaign with Grassroots promotions!!

The latest Update 7/12-Tracy DeLucia – “Good Morning To You”
WVMR/WVLS/WCHG - Dunmore, WV - new add - 3 spins /like it
WKUL - Cullman, AL - "It's a great song and very fun.!" .....Grant Smith (currently playing at 10 spins)
Thanks again Grassroots!! Thank you Culman Al-radio prog.Grant Smith for the kinds words!!!

Thank you for a great show!! I had a lot of fun performing for those of you at Red Wing Park on Sunday!! I couldn't ask for a better day!! The weather was great and so were the people!!! Looking forward to the next show July 23 in Pawling!!!

This is for my local friends in Hopewell Jct!!! Come hang out with the band at red wing on Sunday July 10th from 2-4P! Who knows some of you may already be members of the park and therefore I will see you there!!!Kiss

Tracy De Lucia Band at Red Wing Park!!

Location: Red Wing Park

Time: ‎2:00PM Sunday, July 10th

Today June 20th the CDX is going out today " it is a company designed to provide new country music single releases to radio stations playing Country Music. Since 1991, every other week CDX compiles new releases from major record companies and selected independent record labels to one CD. Those CDs are then mailed to just over 1700 radio stations in the United States, 350 international outlets, and major internet radio stations. In addition, the CDX disc is distributed to programing services, satellite companies, trade magazines and consultants, as well as, record companies, publishing companies, booking agencies and music industry professionals." So we will see!!!

I just sold my first digital download of Shady Tree in Maui off CD Baby. I just found out yesterday that in the next 24 hours it will be available for sale. That was fast!! Thank you CD Baby!! And thanks to the customer who bought it !!!!Hopefully it keeps going up from here!!!!

Okay the CDs are in and within the next week they will be available for digital download or actual hard copy on Itunes and cdbaby , Amazon, etc.

Over the weekend  Jeff at WRWD played my song Shady Tree in Maui and it sounded great. Looking to have a clip of it up on the website by today.

Yesterday May 31, signed up with CDX to have The song "Good Morning To You" ready for radio programmers to listen to. This CD is a compilation of all the latest country artists new releases. So June 20 the promo starts. Extremely excited over this:)

Please continue to visit the site for all the latest shows , news, and more!!!

Have a great day!!!!


Tonight I will be on WRWD for the song Shady Tree in Maui. Since we missed the segment last week due to program error Jeff has been so kind to play it tonight May 29th at 7:30-7:35PM.

 Great stuff is happening over the future months. We have just decided to do Radio Promotion with my friend Nancy Tunick at Grassroots Promotions. This is a step to get the music out to the masses hopefully it will do well. The promotion campaign will begin June 20th. 

 First show for the summer is June 24th at Festival Square in Middletown from 7-9P. As I recall last year this was one of the greatest shows of the season. This is not to down play any show I have ever done it is just to say all the elements for success were present at this show. What are the elements for success for me- 400 people at attention for the artist, stage, sound man, autographs, compliments of how they know all my songs, dancing etc. Hopefully it will be same as last year if not better. And I hope you can make!! 

 Lastly, I now have a new website. My mission was to have easy accessibility to following me through all the new apps of twitter , FB, myspace and you tube. Plus I wanted to consolidate everything to one page. Hopefully you like the new site.

 OOps!!! Almost forgot New CD  for digital download will be available for purchase within the month of June. If you are interested to receive a hard copy of the CD I should be getting the CD on Tuesday of this week. Let me know and I can reserve a copy for you.


Thank you for all your support. This manifestation is now becoming a reality and I have those that stuck by me to thank!!


Have a happy and safe Memorial Day!!!

Hope to see you soon!!!

Tracy DeLucia

May 25, 2011, Getting new website to be up and running within the next few days. Just got word that the CDs are on there way. I should be getting them with the next few weeks. This sunday Jeff at WRWD will be playing my song Shady Tree in Maui. Check it out!! Keep coming back for the latest news/shows at Have a great day!!

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