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One of my favorite songs is   First Time We Fell In Love...its all so real ..  you sing about him bringing you home roses, having a of bottle wine,  making you forget for a night that you are  mother and a wife- watching the sun come up together.  So romantic yet so true. Something all women wish they had.  I am lucky to say I have met you and your family in person and you are all so wonderful and down to earth.  An everyday American family.  Keep up the great work!!  ” - Renee Acard

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Tracy Delucia – Empowered Posted on November 1, 2011 by ChuckDauphin by Chuck Dauphin You don’t hear of that many New York based country girls, but the stunning Tracy Delucia has made a habit of going against the grain during her life and career. Her style definitely has dashes of Country, as well as Rock, and she possesses quite the energy when performing these cuts. Simply put, Delucia has attitude – and plenty of it. That comes to the forefront of such energetic cuts as the fun and loose “Shady Tree In Maui,” as well as the sass-filled “Ain’t Got Time To Be Sad,” which she handles with a great deal of moxie, and she sizzles on the flirty “In The Backseat.” But, it’s not all about heavy rhythms. Delucia also can handle a ballad, and stirs up some heavy emotions on “Best Laid Plans,” but serves up her best vocal performance with the evocative “I Need You.” Is the album perfect? No, the production sometimes doesn’t focus on her voice as much as it should, but I like what I hear here. I hope we all get to hear a lot more of it! For more on Tracy, log on to This entry was posted in CD Review and tagged cd reviews, chuck dauphin, dan harr, Empowered, music news nashville, Tracy Delucia. Bookmark the permalink.” - Chuck Dauphin

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Country singer-songwriter sets Norwalk stop on CD release tour Country singer-songwriter sets Norwalk stop on CD release tour   Contributed photo Singer-songwriter Tracy DeLucia poses on the cover of her new CD. DeLucia will perform Sunday at Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk. I love hearing country singers singing rock songs," she says. "When I hear a country artist such as Faith Hill singing Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart" or Lee Ann Rimes singing "Bobby McGee," it gives me such a thrill that they take these songs and make them their own."  DeLucia, mother of three, co-wrote and performs "Good Morning to You," an up-tempo snapshot of a mother as the center of her family's universe. The song was co-written with her husband. "He writes the lyrics and I write the melody," she says.  Visiting Norwalk as part of her 65-stop promotional tour, DeLucia will be performing in the Midwest, Texas and Nashville. People want to hear raw talent, real playing and real music," DeLucia said of live country's allure. "I want to recapture the same sound that people hear on our CD."  "There is a spiritual sense to what I do," she says. "My songs are inspired by whatever God brings my way." A resident of New York's Hudson Valley, DeLucia's New York accent, when mixed with country favorites, "brings a rock sound to my voice." She will be performing four original songs as well as songs by Melissa Ethridge, Kelly Clarkson and Lee Ann Rimes.   Singer-songwriter Tracy DeLucia will bring her brand of rock-infused country music to the Showmobile at Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk on Sunday as part of a tour to promote her first single release "Good Morning to You."   Posted: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 12:00 amCountry singer-songwriter sets Norwalk stop on CD release tourBy LESLIE LAKE Hour Staff | 0 comments ” - Leslie Lake The Hour Staff

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Tracy has such a great voice, she makes me feel part of the song, I can't help but move along with the music. My current favorite is Stand By Your Man - the Hell I Am. I love the strength of Tracy's voice, she actually gives the words character - you can picture a woman walking out the door with sass and great shoes!” - Fiona Santoianni

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Stand By Your Man(The hell I am!) is a wonderful energectic song with great beat!” - Rosemary levy

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Tracy, So glad I was able to catch your show on the Derby Green last night. Like I said, I am not what you call an avid Country music fan by any means, but luckily for me and the crowd, you sang a piece of just about all the Country songs/artists that connect with a wide range of musical tastes. Just an AMAZING show! And ur vox?! Bravissimo! :) I am also very impressed by your CD, and not just the inherent musical variety. Even your CD case and liner notes send positive, commendable messages. The Empowerment quote is a great start. I love how you lead with a thank you to your family and your Mom, but I really appreciated the way you itemized pretty much EVERY way a fan can somehow be touched by your gift of music. It's obvious you really care about your fans and how your music affects them emotionally. Like you said to me after the show, it is SO about what the audience wants to hear, and not necessarily what you personally want to sing. I very much agree and love how you truly convey that approach during your shows. Oh, and lest not forget those incredible photos on the jewel case, including one ON the CD itself and also one under where it snaps in. Nice touch. Hadn't seen that before. :)  And I'm also impressed how you have a mere one degree of separation from J Lo. via her "On The Floor" track. Nice piece of trivia. Who knows? Maybe a collaboration with the Latin Dance Diva is in the cards someday?!  :)Anyway, looking forward to seeing you in Bridgeport and Fairfield in August. :) Take care and all the best! :) Sincerely,  Marc WeissmanShelton, CT  ” - Marc Weissman

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Critique of Stand By Your Man,(The hell I am!):  Love it. Perfect structure for what's on the radio today. Vocals are right in your sweet spot. So many little special wrinkles from beginning to end. Great differentiation in phrasing from verse to chorus. I love love love the way the whole song lifts even further from the bridge on. I didn't expect to get so much bang for my buck from that point on. The breathy "stand by, stand by" at the end is awesome.” - Robert Daniels

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Great sounding stuff! Kent Wells Magic!” - Chuck Dauphin

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Stand By Your Man(The hell Iam!) -Song is very catchy!” - Mke DeLucia

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Stand By Your amn(The Hell I am!)-Love it -” - Nancy Baumeister

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Stand By Your Man(The Hell I am!)- love that voice and catchy lyrics !!!!” - Marco Cassano

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