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Tonight I will be on WRWD for the song Shady Tree in Maui. Since we missed the segment last week due to program error Jeff has been so kind to play it tonight May 29th at 7:30-7:35PM.

 Great stuff is happening over the future months. We have just decided to do Radio Promotion with my friend Nancy Tunick at Grassroots Promotions. This is a step to get the music out to the masses hopefully it will do well. The promotion campaign will begin June 20th. 

 First show for the summer is June 24th at Festival Square in Middletown from 7-9P. As I recall last year this was one of the greatest shows of the season. This is not to down play any show I have ever done it is just to say all the elements for success were present at this show. What are the elements for success for me- 400 people at attention for the artist, stage, sound man, autographs, compliments of how they know all my songs, dancing etc. Hopefully it will be same as last year if not better. And I hope you can make!! 

 Lastly, I now have a new website. My mission was to have easy accessibility to following me through all the new apps of twitter , FB, myspace and you tube. Plus I wanted to consolidate everything to one page. Hopefully you like the new site. www.tracydelucia.com

 OOps!!! Almost forgot New CD  for digital download will be available for purchase within the month of June. If you are interested to receive a hard copy of the CD I should be getting the CD on Tuesday of this week. Let me know and I can reserve a copy for you.


Thank you for all your support. This manifestation is now becoming a reality and I have those that stuck by me to thank!!


Have a happy and safe Memorial Day!!!

Hope to see you soon!!!

Tracy DeLucia

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